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The truth is that aerial photographs on their own can not be depended on to provide the kind of perspective-free, measurable digital images needed for surveying. For that, you’ll need photogrammetry.

“Photogrammetry is the science and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through the process of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images and patterns of electromagnetic radiant imagery and other phenomena.”

Orthomosaic mapping is more useful than just capturing aerial photography and videography. Drones are perfect for inspecting an area from a birds-eye view that humans just can’t get without technology.

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Aerial Services

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Our 1 million dollar drone insurance coverage putting safety + responsibility first.

Many state differ when it comes to a unmanned pilot license yet drone insurance coverage. With our 1 Million dollar drone insurance coverage, we provide the safest and most reliable operations. Our liability insurance provider is a XXX and the number is # xxxx.

Our flight's are insured, on every flight, in a 1/4 mile radius around the location of filming. FAA rules and regulations are the high standards that we obide by on a daily basis.

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Drone Building Inspection

Having a leaky roof from a Hailstorm and need photo evidence to share it with insurance companies? What about a steep roof that roofers can’t physically climb themselves? Drones can go places that people can’t and bring the proof down to the eyes of the beholder or property owner.

Drone Construction Inspection

So many of our clients are general contractors and construction companies! We help them by using our drones to map out the blueprint of the project then to track its progression. You do the hard part while we keep you updated on the views.

Drone Property Inspections

We provide aerial photography and videography for commercial and residential needs. Drone surveying is the best way to capture an area from above. We use our drone to create Orthomosaic mapping which helps geometrically correct aerial images through measurements, evaluation, and record-keeping for all necessary aspects of your survey site.

Drone Infrastructure Inspection

Commercial or residential infrastructure can impact our daily lives if something isn’t right. Drones can get up and figure out quickly the condition of roads or bridges or powerlines after a storm or came through.

Construction Site

There is a huge big benefit of using a drone in construction. Drones get quick and accurate visuals of a site on a bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule, depending on the needs of the project. Data like this can then be used in a number of ways. It can be shared internally or with clients, help improve public safety, or to change perspective on focus efforts toward completing a project more efficient.

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Drones can open up angles that are not otherwise achievable. Aerial photography services are changing the way we view life. Instead of relying on prerecorded photos and videos, drones are streaming live images of such things as natural disasters, construction, and more.