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As businesses continue to rely on drones for safety, efficacy, and data collection, it’s important to stay consistent with those values.

“On-screen, in the architect’s CAD file, everything looks perfect. But on-site, in the mud and dust, things are different. And the difference between concept and reality is where about $3 trillion of that $8 trillion gets lost, in a cascade of change orders, rework, and schedule slips. Drones are meant to close that gap.”

– Chris Anderson, CEO of 3DR

Drone Over The Top offers a full suite of professional construction drone and UAV services tailored to vertical or horizontal construction projects of any size. Helping companies with professional construction site drones services to deliver the actionable project intelligence your team needs.

As businesses continue to rely on drones for safety, efficacy, and data collection, it’s important to stay consistent with those values.

There is a huge big benefit of using a drone in construction. Drones get quick and accurate visuals of a site on a bi-weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule, depending on the needs of the project. Data like this can then be used in a number of ways. It can be shared internally or with clients, help improve public safety, or to change perspective on focus efforts toward completing a project more efficient.


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The construction industry is adapting the fastest to commercial drone technology.

Drones are changing the way construction companies do business, helping them coordinate teams more efficiently, track progress more regularly, and complete projects faster with less waste.

Here are five ways drones are being used in construction operations right now.

1. Pre-Planning Stages

The drone collects visual data to help construction companies get a solid visual understanding of the entire site before they begin building. Depending on how big the land is, aerial videos and photos could show possible swamp or flood zones, elevation changes, old architecture, or other factors that can help determine if this is the best place to dig, build, or stockpile materials. Also as a bonus, it gives designers a view of the surrounding areas to see which colors to use as an aesthetic viewpoint.

2. Safety

Drones are replacing aerial videography and photography because the only other way of getting aerial views is from a helicopter. Drones not only make it easier but they make it safer and so much cheaper.

Safety isn’t just about keeping workers safe, it’s also about finding access points where civilians can enter the work area and not get hurt, this data can help them stay on top of changing weather conditions that may impact safety.

3. Constant Communication

Depending on the project’s daily, bi-weekly, or monthly reports can be now sent to clients and architects. This helps them stay reassured that everything is going the way it is supposed to; especially with larger projects that usually have more stakeholders in multiple locations. Before drones, clients would have to fly and/or drive to the site to see in person how things are going; or hire a helicopter and camera crew to get those aerial shots, very expensive, which isn’t cost-effective when it comes to how fast the construction project is coming along. Here at Drone over the top, we create orthomosaic maps using our drone data to provide clients with detailed, real-time reports on how things are progressing on-site.

4. Efficiency

Drones are like the goalie on the soccer field, they can see things from a broader perspective. Drone mapping creates data that can be regularly sent to the architect or project manager who can use them to quickly adapt in case of change; which happens all the time! We all know that monitoring constantly is a very crucial part of avoiding delays that can potentially cause a project to go over budget. NEVER A GOOD IDEA

5. On-Site Accountability and Productivity

Aerial photos and videos not only keep track of your site but your ground team. Constant aerial photos are like maps that can be used to see where equipment is if it is left in the wrong area, where their crew is to manage productivity, and more. This can save the project manager time by either walking around on foot or golf cart and there is photo proof of progression but providing permanent records of the project. If something happens to go wrong down the line, you can look back to review earlier data and see where things got off the path.

Aerial Drone Inspection

Orthomosaic mapping is more useful than just capturing aerial photography and videography. Drones are perfect for inspecting an area from a birds-eye view that humans just can’t get without technology.

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Drones can open up angles that are not otherwise achievable. Aerial photography services are changing the way we view life. Instead of relying on prerecorded photos and videos, drones are streaming live images of such things as natural disasters, construction, and more.