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Drove Over the Top provides Professional Drone & Photography Services for Commercial & Residential Real Estate, Job Site Inspections, High Definition Aerial Photography & Videography, Monthly Construction Progress Updates, Full Production Marketing Videos from Concept to Delivery.

We provide high-quality aerial drone photography and videography services focused to provide the best images to fit your project.

Drove Over The Top is Certified, Licensed and Insured to work nationwide.

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The experience: While technology has changed dramatically over time, the human desire to see the world from above has been a constant.

This led to an explosion in aerial photography, ranging from commercial uses, like real estate brokers getting eye-catching photos of houses they’re trying to sell, to artistic expressions, like taking beautiful images of forests and cities to post on social media.

We promise to take the best high-quality images and video available.


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Drone imagery dissolves distinctions between war and domesticity, human and machine.

My research shows this combination of aerial vision, remote control, and data creation is changing how we witness the world.

Great creativity still cuts through and can deliver better ROI than the smartest media buy.

Drones embrace a form of digitization that showcases your project through a memorable birds-eye view. Just tell me when you are ready…

Certified Drone Photography & Aerial Videos

Serving clients all around the world in collaboration with 107 Aviation.

In the last years Drone Over The Top has supplied construction companies high resolution imagery to construction firms, developers, and project managers for the purpose of supplementing monthly progress reports with aerial photographs, and/or high definition video footage.

By using the most sophisticated and efficient radio controlled aerial video drones, we capture images from eye level up to 400 feet. We fly from the perimeter of the property insuring the procedure is the safest way possible and during off hours when construction activity is paused.

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Drones can open up angles that are not otherwise achievable. Aerial photography services are changing the way we view life. Instead of relying on prerecorded photos and videos, drones are streaming live images of such things as natural disasters, construction, and more.